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In the United States, each year more than 30,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer. Scottsdale-Phoenix area dentist Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale are firmly committed to preventative dentistry and to optimum oral health for our patients. As a result, oral cancer screening is a recommended part of every teeth-cleaning appointment. During the dental examination, Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale will look for pre-cancerous changes in the oral tissues. Additional tests may also be advised for more intense detection


When oral cancer is not found early, tumors may grow deep into local tissues and can spread to other parts of the body. This spreading reduces the chances for successful treatment. Understanding that 95% of all oral cancers occur in people older than 40 makes keeping those appointments for dental cleanings even when “nothing is hurting” extremely important.

Since early detection is so important, Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale will not only screen for oral cancer at your regular check-ups, but will also instruct you, their patient, about how to check your own mouth for any changes in appearance between dental check-ups. Any changes between appointments should be immediately reported to Dr. Foley for diagnosis.

If you haven’t had your dental check-up within the last six months, call your Scottsdale-Phoenix area dentist, Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale, today to schedule your appointment and get confirmation that you are oral cancer free!!!



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