Dental restorations that are used by several dentists are inlays and Onlays. These are a conservative alternative to dental crowns that offer full coverage. They are also known as indirect fillings and can offer a stronger, long-lasting and, a well-fitting, solution to tooth decay and similar damage. These restorations can be considered beneficial both from the aesthetic and functional points of view.

Inlays and Onlays can be used as an alternative for traditional dental fillings for treating tooth decay or any of the structural damage that looks similar. Dental fillings need to be molded before being placed in the mouth during a visit to the dental office. Indirect fabrication is used in a dental laboratory for inlays and Onlays before they are fitted and cemented to the damaged tooth by the dentist.

When the material is bonded to the center of the tooth it is known as an inlay. When it is used to cover one or more cusps of the tooth to offer full coverage to the budding surface this restoration is referred to as an onlay.

The Advantages of Using A Conservative Approach

Apart from the above they are also suitable for use as dental fillings when you have cavities because they can seal the teeth to keep bacteria out, are easy to clean, will not stain and will offer you exceptional longevity. These are extremely stable restorations for the treatment of tooth decay. The superior fit, as well as the durable material, make these restorations a stable choice for many people that can strengthen the teeth.

What Is the Procedure For Getting Inlays Or Onlays?

The procedure for getting inlays or Onlays requires just a couple of visits to the dentist’s office. Dental inlays in Scottsdale will be made by dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ, by taking a molded impression of your teeth after they are cleaned to be sent to a dental laboratory for fabrication.

If you want to have dental Onlays in Scottsdale made from gold, porcelain or resin you just need to keep dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ, informed to ensure they make proper arrangements to give you a restoration according to your choices.

The dental professionals of dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ, will discuss with you the best material you can use for your teeth. If the inlays are Onlays are needed on the back molars aesthetics should not be a concern and in such cases, gold will be the better option. porcelain will be the better option if it is used on your front teeth. People that are suffering from the problem of bruxism or malocclusion will benefit from composite resin materials.

These restorations are extremely durable with a minimal failure rate. Your dentist will check your bite to ensure no occlusion related problems affect the margins of the. After the fitting is completed the restoration will be cemented onto the tooth before polishing the margins.

What Are the Costs of Inlays And Onlays?

The costs of inlays are in the region of $250-$1500 and the costs of Onlays are $350-$1500. However, the costs can be impacted by many factors including:

The experience of the dentist performed the procedure as well as your location.

The type of material you have chosen for the restorations. Porcelain can be expensive if it is fabricated by a skilled technician and the price of gold can be more expensive than other materials because of the fluctuating nature of prices.

The size of the inlay or onlay will also affect the price because the larger Onlays can cost more than smaller inlays.

Dental insurance companies are providing coverage for these restorations in the basic category. Therefore you could receive a reimbursement from the insurance company if you prefer to have inlays and Onlays as restorations in your mouth from dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ, that can help you with the procedure.

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