Will Smoking Stain My Crowns?

dental crowns Dr. Aaron Wildung DDS Dr. Stephen A. Folsom DDS Dr. Richard Alverson Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale General, Cometic, Restorative, Preventative, Family Dentist in Scottsdale, AZ 85254

You might be wondering why your teeth are pigmented even though you brush and floss your teeth daily. Although bad oral hygiene is often mentioned as the common cause of tooth discolorations among patients, other factors could lead you to develop dental stains. This article will mention various types of dental crowns, dental stains, their […]

How Often Should You Take Your Child to Visit the Pediatrician?

Pediatric Dentistry Dr. Aaron Wildung DDS Dr. Stephen A. Folsom DDS Dr. Richard Alverson Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale General, Cometic, Restorative, Preventative, Family Dentist in Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Your child’s pediatrician is your partner in their health and well-being. Unfortunately, your child doesn’t have the ability to judge whether they are healthy, and you may not be to ascertain whether they are developing normally. Many conditions that a pediatrician can detect will not appear in everyday life. However, detecting the problems early is […]

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

What Are Dental Implants? They are small titanium metal posts that replace lost teeth. Dental implants entail a surgical procedure for installing the metal post in the jawbone. The dentist in Scottsdale, AZ, would cut open your gums, then drill your jawbone to make room for the tooth implant. In this case, an implant replaces […]

It’s Not Just Snoring: the Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Undiagnosed sleep apnea is linked directly to an enhanced risk of metabolic and cardiovascular health. The scariest thing is that you might not even know if it’s there. Apnea occurs when the upper airway muscle relaxes while sleeping and prevents you from sufficient oxygen. The breathing usually pauses for 10 seconds or more than that […]

What Is the Best Exercise for Tmj?

The temporomandibular joints (TMJs) are responsible for jaw movements. They make it easier for us to open and close our jaws anytime. However, what do you think happens when there is a problem with the temporomandibular joints? Let’s find out! TMD (temporomandibular disorder) is a joint disorder that occurs due to problems originating from the […]

Can I Have Dental Work Accomplished During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an exciting time when you tend to forget everything about yourself in preparation for your expected baby. Unfortunately, your teeth receive the least attention because you don’t understand how important it is to maintain your oral health in excellent condition. However, it is incredibly essential for you and your arriving baby to maintain […]

What Are the Benefits of Sleeping With a Mouthguard?

Scores of people wake up with headaches and jaw pain and may not even know why this happens. Others have decided that this is their lot in life and have accepted it. What if there was a way to help you wake up feeling amazing and ready to conquer the day? Our dentist in Scottsdale, […]

Wisdom Teeth Extractions “Do’s and Don’ts”

Wisdom teeth are the last permanent molars that come out between ages 17-21. They may develop well and pose no problems to some people. Yet, others can have the tooth unable to erupt above the gum line, causing impaction. The erupted tooth may also misalign adjacent molars due to inadequate space. A dentist near you […]

What Dentists Advice on Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure that involves removing a tooth from its alveolus socket or gum tissues by a dentist near you. A tooth or several teeth may be extracted due to gum disease, tooth decay, dental trauma, or orthodontic concerns. Simple tooth extraction in Scottsdale is performed for teeth whose crown is visible […]

Do Dental Implants Feel Out Of Place Initially?

Do dental implants feel strange at first

Have you lost teeth and are considering replacing them with dental implants? You might have heard myths about various dental procedures, including dental implants. For example, you might wonder whether dental implants will feel out of place in your mouth, similar to dentures after initial placement. You might also express apprehensions about having a metallic […]