Pregnancy is an exciting time when you tend to forget everything about yourself in preparation for your expected baby. Unfortunately, your teeth receive the least attention because you don’t understand how important it is to maintain your oral health in excellent condition. However, it is incredibly essential for you and your arriving baby to maintain optimal oral health during pregnancy.

You are mistaken if you think you cannot have any dental work done because of your pregnancy. In reality, you can have any dental work done during your pregnancy except for elective treatments. For example, if you must have a tooth removed, you can undergo the procedure during your second or third trimester. Unfortunately, if you develop swelling in your mouth causing pain and discomfort, you may need emergency dental work, which you can get at any time during your pregnancy.

Are dental x-rays safe during pregnancy?

Pregnancy and dental problems seem to correlate strangely because they appear to go together. Your teeth are subject to extra wear and tear, which is caused by hormones, extra snacking, and nausea to result in problems.

The American Dental Association, together with the American Academy of family physicians, have confirmed dental x-rays are indeed safe during pregnancy. The dentist near me has the infrastructure to shield you and your child with an apron to ensure both of you are protected. So long as you inform the dentist about your pregnancy before the x-ray, dentists take the precautions as needed.

Technological advances nor make available digital x-rays using smaller doses of radiation than conventional x-rays. However, if you are apprehensive and want to avoid unnecessary x-rays during your pregnancy, you can delay some dental procedures until the birth of your baby without hesitating to receive essential dental treatments.

Toothaches in Pregnancy and Other Dental Needs

Your pregnancy doesn’t impact your mouth bacteria which continue functioning as they usually do. However, you may have tooth decay in a tooth that needs cavity fillings and aggravates during your pregnancy. There is no reason for you to delay treatment and avoid getting the fillings you need until your term ends. Instead of avoiding the fillers because it involves the use of anesthesia, you would find it beneficial to go by what the American College of obstetricians and gynecologists, besides the American Dental Association, states that cavities can receive treatment at any time during pregnancy. However, you must schedule the fillings procedure during the second trimester when the risk of nausea has diminished.

If you must have dental fillers consider getting tooth-colored fillings from composite resin instead of silver amalgam. Discuss your options with the dentist in Scottsdale, AZ, to determine which filling material is best for you and the baby.

If you need crowns placed on a damaged tooth, you do not have to wait until you incur more damages to the tooth. Instead, a visit to your dentist will get you a suggestion to have the damaged tooth restored during your second trimester.

Can You Get Dental Cleanings When Pregnant?

Dentists encourage dental exams and cleanings during pregnancy because the procedure is entirely safe. In addition, you can prevent and treat pregnancy gingivitis, a familiar condition affecting many women. The common symptoms of gingivitis include:

In reality, you mustn’t wait until the signs of infection are becoming evident in your mouth. In contrast, you must schedule extra dental cleanings during your second trimester. Increased blood flow, pregnancy hormones, and mouth irritation because of morning sickness work together to cause gum irritation to result in pregnancy gingivitis. Most dentists admit that extra dental cleanings during pregnancy are essential as a preventive measure against this condition and its associated risks.

Why Mustn’t You Avoid Dental Care during Pregnancy?

Problems arising from dental care present challenges to your pregnancy. During this exciting period, you consult with various physicians and specialists about your and your baby’s health. Your dentist is part of your healthcare team, and most dental treatments can be performed while you are pregnant.

Preventive care and follow-up are essential to keeping your mouth healthy. If you bring your dentist into the conversation, you can help prevent or treat any oral health issues that may pop up without warning.

If you need dental care while pregnant, please do not hesitate to contact Landmark Smiles of Scottsdale to receive any treatments you need.

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