Have you lost teeth and are considering replacing them with dental implants? You might have heard myths about various dental procedures, including dental implants. For example, you might wonder whether dental implants will feel out of place in your mouth, similar to dentures after initial placement. You might also express apprehensions about having a metallic taste in your mouth after undergoing implant placements.

The above questions are preventing many people from opting for dental implant treatment. However, you will undoubtedly express happiness with the information that plenty of evidence is available to prove dental implants, besides having many benefits, also feel natural in your mouth without feeling out of place.

Before we provide information on how dental implants feel, let us describe what dental implants are and how they work.

What Are Dental Implants?

Many people think removing temporary teeth at night is uncomfortable, but many also believe dental implants are optimal for replacing natural teeth. Regardless of the reason for your missing teeth, dental implants help restore your smile and function like your natural teeth.

During the dental implant procedure, your dentist places the implants deep into your jawbone under the gums. Dental implants are titanium posts, a biocompatible material that integrates with your jawbone to prevent bone deterioration. The healing period after dental implant surgery is undoubtedly lengthy but serves the purpose of stabilizing the implant to hold your artificial tooth eventually.

Will You Experience Pain after the Surgery?

Surgical procedures, whether minor or significant, will leave you with some discomfort after the procedure. Dental implant specialists in Scottsdale are fully aware of this phenomenon and suggest you take prescription or over-the-counter painkillers to alleviate the discomfort you experience. Although you experience some pain after the surgery, it is entirely manageable and worth it because, after all, the discomfort is for the reason that will improve the functionality of your mouth that you miss after tooth loss. Therefore instead of worrying about the pain, you must consider the final results and put up with the discomfort following your dentist’s instructions.

Will You Be Able to Taste Metal?

The titanium post, after embedding into your jawbone and completing osseointegration, remains below the gum line. The dentist attaches an abutment over the implant on which your artificial tooth sits eventually. The dental implant doesn’t contact your tongue or any part of your mouth when eating or performing other tasks. Therefore you will likely not feel any metal in your mouth after having implant placements embedded to replace missing teeth.

Do Dental Implants Feel Unnatural in Your Mouth Initially?

Dental implants replace an extracted or missing tooth, ensuring you will not feel any sensation in the replaced tooth. However, you might experience shooting pain coming from the surrounding gums. It is because dental implants are not comparable to your natural teeth joined to the roots and nerves, making you feel the sensations of pressure, hot and cold temperatures.

You will likely not feel any sensations when you have dental implants because the titanium post is not attached to your nerves. Any feelings you think come from the surrounding gums providing sense to your missing or extracted tooth. Besides this exception, dental implants appear and feel like your natural teeth and also function like them. Implants are designed to blend perfectly with your surrounding teeth.

Metals like titanium help make dental implants before they are firmly embedded in your jawbone, ensuring you will not feel any lingering metallic taste in your mouth. However, you may experience a strange sensation when you use dental implants for eating initially. After completing the procedure and healing entirely, the feeling gradually subsides.

You can conveniently follow your regular oral hygiene routine to care for your natural teeth as well as the implanted tooth. After completing your treatment, you become accustomed to the placements and will hardly notice the difference.


Dental implants are the most convenient and long-lasting solutions for replacing permanent teeth. They are undoubtedly artificial replacements for your natural teeth and feel different initially. However, you will soon overcome the initial changes as you get accustomed to the placements and the implants begin feeling like your natural teeth.

If considering dental implants to replace missing teeth, you can go ahead with the procedure without apprehensions in your mind after discussing it with the Scottsdale dentist to convince yourself it is the best replacement option for your lost teeth.

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