Pediatric dentistry is a dental specialty that caters to children’s dental needs from infancy to adolescents. We understand you may have questions about pediatric dentistry; here are five facts about children’s dentistry to note.

1. Having a Pediatric Dentistry is Crucial to Your Child’s Dental Health

Pediatric dentists are trained to detect/diagnose, treat, and prevent dental problems from infancy to adolescents and sometimes until the child turns 21. They also learn about a child’s behavioral psychology and developmental milestones. This means that they are well able to keep the children calm.

Having a children’s dentist as part of your child’s healthcare team will make it easy for the child and the dentist alike. It is best to visit the same dentist for the majority of dental care. It is easy for the child to be at ease if they see a familiar face instead of visiting different dentists every couple of months.

Our pediatric dentist in Scottsdale, AZ, can handle your child’s dental needs until they are 21 years. This lifts the stress of looking for another dentist.

2. Children Are Prone to Decay

The chief reason for having a pediatric dentist is because children are prone to cavities, and the dentist can prevent them if dental care is started early.

Children rarely maintain proper dental hygiene for two reasons: they do not know the proper brushing techniques and love sugary things. These two factors increase their risk of decay, and preventing them is crucial to maintaining proper dental health.

3. Children Need to Have Their First Dental Evaluation Before Their First Birthday

It is recommended you visit a pediatric near you or a dental clinic of choice when the first tooth comes out or before the first birthday.

This makes it is easy for the dentist to detect any dental abnormalities when the teeth are still developing.

4. Primary Teeth Are Crucial

Did you know the primary teeth develop before the baby is born, but they become visible at six months? These primary teeth are critical to your child’s dental health. This is because they hold space for permanent teeth. Furthermore, they guide the teeth on which they should emerge. This creates a perfect smile and dental structure.

Yes, the baby teeth will eventually fall off. But, it should happen at age six or seven. Any premature loss of the primary teeth will affect the dental structure and create abnormalities. It also increases the risk of the teeth emerging crooked, creating the need for orthodontic treatment later.

Protecting these teeth is crucial, and we offer several dental solutions such as pediatric dental crowns. These crowns act as a protective shield and keep the teeth free of decay.

5. Brushing Cleans Only 70 Percent of Your Teeth

While brushing is vital to your child’s dental health, it does not eliminate all the food particles. Our dentist recommends that you floss at least once a day to remove any food particles stuck in between your teeth.

Our pediatric dentist also recommends professional dental cleaning for your child. This helps to remove any plaque buildup.

At times, a fluoride treatment may be prescribed if your child six years and above.

Pay Attention to Your Child’s Dental Hygiene

Our dentist will teach your child the proper brushing techniques. However, it is crucial to monitor your child while they clean their teeth to ensure they are doing it right. Also, consider using fluoride toothpaste, but only if they are of the right age (above two years). Speak to the dentist about the proper amount of fluoride to use.

Remember, proper dental hygiene starts at infancy, so ensure you keep the gums clean. Wipe the gums and palate with a soft, wet cloth after breastfeeding. Also, do not allow your child to sleep while bottle feeding to avoid teeth decay.

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