When it comes to a bright, white smile, we often hear about all the different foods and beverages that can actually stain and discolor our teeth. From red wine and blueberries to coffee and even white wine there are quite a few things often recommended to avoid. However, instead of avoiding everything, why not add foods and beverages to your diet that can actually help brighten your smile?


Although most berries can actually result in stained and discolored teeth, strawberries can actually help to whiten your teeth. Strawberries contain a natural astringent called malic acid which can actually remove staining on the surface of teeth. Don’t feel like eating a strawberry? Gently massage your teeth with one and then rinse after a few minutes for the same kind of effect.

Nuts & Seeds

When it comes to eating nuts and seeds, they have many great benefits including some for your smile. The abrasiveness of seeds and nuts can actually help to exfoliate your teeth, removing stains and discoloration found on the surface of teeth.


Although onions can have quite a negative impact on your breath, they can work wonders on your smile. Sulfur compounds found in onions can actually help protect your teeth, preventing plaque from forming on your smile.

The downside? You have to eat the onions raw in order to reap the benefits.


Did you know that calcium is an essential part of having healthy teeth? Cheese is a great food which contains lots of calcium, helping to strengthen your teeth and even gums. Casein, a protein found in dairy has also been shown to reduce demineralization in teeth.


When it comes to beverages, there is nothing better for you than some good old fashion water. Staying hydrated can aid in proper saliva production and help to wash down any debris, plaque or bacteria stuck in the mouth.

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