Your child’s pediatrician is your partner in their health and well-being. Unfortunately, your child doesn’t have the ability to judge whether they are healthy, and you may not be to ascertain whether they are developing normally.

Many conditions that a pediatrician can detect will not appear in everyday life. However, detecting the problems early is crucial to correcting the issues and keeping your child on track for a healthy and happy life.

Are you aware of how often you should take your child to visit the pediatrician? When matters related to the baby’s wellness are concerned, regular visits to the medical professional are essential to promote wellness. Pediatricians are better not set aside for visits merely when your child develops health problems. On the contrary, the visits are better considered an invaluable source to ensure your child remains healthy.


How Often Should Your Child Visit Pediatricians?

Seven well-child visits are recommended by the US Department of health and human services between one and four. The visits are at 12, 15, 18, 24, 30, 36, and 48 months. Children can receive annual checkups from the pediatrician after four years.

Of course, the recommendations are generic because your child may require to visit the pediatrician more often for issues like seasonal infections and other problems. Therefore if you are concerned about your child’s health scheduling an appointment with your child’s pediatrician immediately remains a priority.


The Importance of Well-Child Visits

Preventing health problems and sickness is the reason behind regular visits to the pediatrician. However, waiting for a health problem to occur before visiting the doctor to fix it is never a good idea. Your child’s pediatrician is always available to work with you to help your child maintain wellness.

Wellness visits to pediatricians help identify current health problems. While regular visits to the pediatrician are essential, you cannot ignore a visit to the pediatric dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ, even though your child may not have all their teeth. In reality, you must take your child to visit the pediatric dentistry soon after their first tooth erupts and no later than age one.

You might think pediatric dental visits aren’t necessary because your child will lose their baby teeth by three or four. However, can you risk your child developing infections in the mouth that might cause premature loss of teeth and other problems? If you can’t, you must schedule visits with pediatric dentists more frequently than your pediatrician.

The American Academy of pediatric dentistry recommends children visit pediatric dentists every six months to care for their oral and overall health. Early visits to the pediatric dentist help your child get accustomed to the dental office from infancy until adolescence, allowing them to learn about their teeth and gums and the value of having a beautiful smile.

Wellness visits to pediatricians help the professionals identify existing health problems that you may not know about. Perhaps your child has sniffles or a health issue without symptoms. Pediatricians identify sniffles as allergies or help detect severe health issues before too late. In addition, the visits help the child’s pediatrician keep track of your child’s growth and development.


How Can Pediatric Dentists Help Children?

The Scottsdale pediatric dentistry also helps identify problems in your child’s mouth before they aggravate to provide timely treatments. For example, you might never realize that your child is developing baby bottle tooth decay or problems with their teeth and gums.

Children’s teeth and jaws are constantly changing from infancy until adolescence and need monitoring to identify problems with the development of the teeth and jaws. The professionals can help make you aware of issues with your child’s mouth early to ensure they can become severe.

If regular well-child visits to the pediatrician keep your child healthy to ensure proper growth and development, taking the child to a pediatric dentist demonstrates the importance of visiting these professionals to help your child develop healthy teeth and gums that support their overall health.

The association between dental health and general health is well established to confirm dental visits are essential from infancy, similar to pediatricians. Therefore if you have not established contact with a pediatric dentist for your baby, we suggest you do so immediately without further delay. Remember, visits to the child’s dentist are equally important as visits to the pediatrician.

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