The TMJ is an important joint, which enables you to open and close your mouth. However, the joint can sometimes create trouble and the trouble can manifest in the form of neck or jaw pain or headache. No matter what kind of pain you are experiencing, it is important to get the TMJ treatment in Scottsdale.


Before you begin any treatment, you need to make sure that your jaw joints are the ones giving you the trouble. Thus, being familiar with the common symptoms of TMJ can help. Here’s a look at them:

Home Remedies

The TMJ symptoms can be treated at home as well. You can give rest to your jaw joints by having only soft food items, the way you do after root canal treatment or tooth extraction. If there is any swelling, you can switch between ice and heat packs. You can also try switching to a pillow that offers a good neck support.

Taking OTC medications and anti-inflammatory medicine can also be a good option for managing signs of TMJ. Stress can also cause the problem to worsen so it is better to manage your stress at work place and your daily life.

Professional TMJ Treatment Options

If home remedies don’t help, it is time to see a dentist near me. If you wake up with aching jaws, it is a sign that you clench your jaws in your sleep. The dentist may offer a custom mouth guard to you. If sleep apnea is causing discomfort, the dentist will suggest required treatment. This will help in treating the condition and will improve your quality of sleep along with addressing your TMJ disorder.

Muscle relaxation techniques can also help in improving the position of your jaws. The technique can be done even at home, once you learn how to do it.

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