Mouth Guards

Mouth Guards

When it comes to optimal oral health, Landmark Smiles believes that prevention is an essential factor. For this reason, we recommend our mouth guards in Scottsdale for many of our patients. We are proud to offer sports guards for patients that partake in athletic activities along with night guards for our patients that experience TMD, bruxism or unconscious clenching/grinding. Wondering if you may need a teeth mouth guard? We typically recommend them for:

  • Patients that participate in sports/athletic activities
  • Patients that suffer from bruxism
  • Patients with temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD)
  • Patients that experience unconscious clenching/grinding
  • Sports Guards

At Landmark Smiles, our sports guards in Scottsdale are personalized for each patient to ensure the best fit, protection and comfort. Unlike store-bought mouthguards which are one-size fits all, our patients have reported they barely even notice they are wearing a sports guard.

Night Guards

For patients that suffer from a dental condition which results in clenching, grinding and damage to the teeth, our customized night guards in Scottsdale are a great option for reducing symptoms and protecting your smile.

Benefits of Our Mouth Guards

  • Reduced risk of missing teeth
  • Reduced risk of damaged teeth
  • Reduced risk of traumatic dental injury
  • Reduction of bruxism symptoms
  • Reduction of TMD symptoms

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Want to make sure your teeth are protected as possible? Schedule an appointment with Landmark Smiles today, we’d be happy to discuss whether our sports guards or night guards would be the right option for you.