Children’s teeth, gums, and jaw keep changing from infancy until teenagehood, after all, most of the oral development occurs during this time. That’s why they have unique and different dental needs, and cannot be given the same dental treatments as adults. It is advisable to visit a pediatric dentist who is trained to handle everything related to children’s dental needs.

Why A Pediatric Dentist?

Pediatric dentists are different from general or family dentists. Yes, most parents would prefer visiting a family dentist (you get to have the whole family’s needs taken care of at the same place). While that can work for mild and basic dental needs, you need a pediatric dentist especially if you have an infant.

Although they receive the same dental education, pediatric dentists specialize further. They go through post-graduate training for two or more years where they gain knowledge on the different dental needs of children. They are also trained on developmental milestones and behavioral psychology. This pediatric dentist near you can handle children of all personalities professionally. They also know how to calm them down, which is a vital skill.

When Should You Visit One?

It is recommended that you visit a pediatric dentist when the first tooth comes out (normally around six or seven months), or before their first birthday. This is important because it allows our pediatric dentist in scottsdale, to conduct a comprehensive checkup of the gums and jaw. It is also easy for the dentist to detect any jaw abnormality and address it on time.

After the first appointment, you are required to visit the pediatric dentist every six months.

What Services Will You Get?

A pediatric dentist specializes more in preventive dental treatments than curative. But, they do offer restorative and orthodontic treatments. Some of the dental services you will benefit from when you visit a Manalapan pediatric dentist include:

Your child needs to receive regulated dental checkups because their teeth and jaw are developing. With regular dental assessment, our dentist in Manalapan will check and detect any problems on time. Remember, most dental problems develop without any symptoms, and when pain develops, it is usually too late.

During the routine assessment, the dentist will also clean your child’s teeth and gums to get rid of plaques. These are the culprits that cause dental cavities and decay.

Fluoride is also known as the natural cavity fighter. This is because it strengthens the enamel and makes it less prone to decay and cavities. Fluoride treatment is recommended for children above six years. The dentist will apply a fluoride varnish on their teeth and allow the enamel to absorb it.

It is recommended you get the fluoride treatment every three, six, or twelve months or as advised by the dentist.

Sealants are plastic coatings applied on the tooth surface (the chewing part to protect them against bacterial attacks. Although sealants can be applied on any tooth, they are most effective when fixed on the molars and premolars.

Dental sealants are applied on permanent teeth after the last molar comes out, and they last for a decade.

Pediatric dental crowns are similar to sealants but are fixed on the primary teeth. The stainless steel crowns are most suitable for children because they require less dental work and are temporary. These crowns fall out together with the primary teeth.

At times, your child may have narrow jaws or spaces in between. Our dentist might recommend interceptive treatment to address these issues. It is easier to treat orthodontic and bite problems early as the jaw develops. Some of the treatments that the dentist may recommend include space maintainers, expanders, and counseling (for children who suck their thumbs).

Dental emergencies can occur without warning, and when they do, you need to have access to emergency dental care. Most pediatric dentists can handle different dental emergencies. When your child loses their tooth or has bleeding gums, visit an emergency dental office near you for assistance.

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