Root canals have a famously bad reputation when it comes to dental procedures and oral health. Unfortunately, many people believe things about root canal procedures that are simply not true. This can lead to people avoiding the dentist in fear that they will somehow cause them more pain than they are currently experiencing with a severe cavity.

If you are suffering with severe tooth pain due to a cavity, then you need to see your dentist right away so that matters can be taken care of quickly. There is still a good chance for many people who are suffering with tooth pain that they will not have to undergo a root canal. However, a root canal procedure is not meant to cause you pain, in reality, it is implemented to restore your tooth. So, let’s consider a few common myths about root canals.

Root Canals Are Very Painful

One of the most common myths regarding root canals is that they are extremely painful. However, this is not true. The root canal procedure is not what causes the pain. The pain is being caused by a severe infection that has reached the root of your tooth. In fact, the root canal is the step that is needed to be taken in order to reduce your pain. Once the infection is properly dealt with, the pain will subside overtime. Of course, you will still probably feel a measure of pain after the procedure is done, but it should actually be less than before the procedure because your dentist can prescribe pain medication to help you until your tooth heals.

You Only Need a Root Canal if You are in Pain

While most patients experience severe pain prior to a root canal procedure, it is possible that you have waited so long that the nerve has been damaged to the point that it is no longer sending pain signals to your brain. This does not mean that a root canal procedure is not necessary.

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