Do you frequently experience jaw pain or even lockjaw? Have you damaged your teeth due to unconscious clenching and grinding? Wish there was a way to address your TMJ symptoms? At Landmark Smiles, we are proud to offer Scottsdale TMJ treatment for those interested in reducing the symptoms of their condition. Along with professional TMJ treatment near you, there are some exercises you can also do at home to reduce your discomfort. Today, we’re discussing how to put a cork in your TMJ symptoms, we hope you learn something new and can experience some relief.

In the event that the above exercise does not help to reduce your discomfort, feel free to schedule an appointment for TMJ treatment in Scottsdale.

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Ready to start your professional Scottsdale TMJ treatment? Contact Landmark Smiles, we would be more than happy to get you on our schedule for a consultation to determine whether you suffer from a Temporomandibular Joint Disorder and are a candidate for TMJ treatment.

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