Having your very own family dentist has its own unique advantages. One of the most obvious advantages is simply that people who visit the dentist at least every six months boast significantly better oral health than people who don’t. Also, when you go as a family to visit your family dentist, you create a stronger support group. You all can hold each other accountable when it comes to your individual oral health.

Trust & Confidence in Your Family Dentist

Families who visit their family dentist at least once every six months have better oral health for two specific reasons. The first is that every time you come in for a routine checkup with your family dentist, your dentist or hygienist will give your mouth a deep cleaning. They will scrape away the built up hard dental plaque in even hard-to-reach places. You will leave the dentist with a fresh, clean, and healthier smile.

The other reason why a regular visit will leave you with a healthier mouth is that your dentist has the opportunity to find any budding problems while they are still in their infancy. This means that your dentist can catch a cavity as it is starting to form and get rid of it before it causes severe damage to your teeth. A cavity left unchecked can decay a tooth all the way to the root. This can cause severe pain and also the complete loss of a tooth. With a regular visit to your family dentist, you can avoid all of that hassle and inconvenience.

Another powerful motivator associated with a family dentistry practice is that you will build up a trust and confidence with the staff and dentist at the office. You will become familiar with each other and even become friends. This helps in taking away dental anxiety for everyone, but especially children!

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